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The Curriculum Committee is dedicated to providing Holly Grove students with the best texts and courses possible.  Subjects are reviewed on a rotating basis, assuring that our texts are up to date and in line with the scope and sequence for each academic area.  Elective courses may vary slightly from year to year based on the faculty available. 

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Online Courses

Get A Head Start on College

HGCS offers qualified Juniors and Seniors the opportunity to get a head start on college through College Credit Connection. Students who qualify will be able to enroll in semester-long courses from regionally accredited Christian colleges and universities that are offered through our online program.

Save Money On College Tuition

Students who accumulate college credit while in high school save money on college tuition because of the reduced cost per credit hour through the HGCS College Credit Connection. In addition, the overall cost of college can potentially be reduced because the student requires fewer college credits (time) to complete their degree program. Studies show that college students who enter college with credits already awarded are more likely to complete their undergraduate program in the prescribed four-year timeframe.

College Credit without AP Testing

Students receive a transcript from the college/university for 3 credit-hours upon successful completion of each course. (Transferable to other colleges/universities in most cases. Please check with admissions at the college/university of choice to verify how the credits will transfer into their program.)


  • The cost for AP and Dual Credit College Courses is $700, and the cost of standard core and elective courses is $600, in addition to books and materials.

  • Students are required to have their own laptop/tablet, headphones and internet access.

  • The HGCS requirements are outlined in the Student Handbook under "Independent Study."

  • Students may not replace HGCS classes with online versions; we provide this service as an opportunity to take a wider variety of classes.

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Contact the school guidance counselor today to learn more about HGCS College Credit Connection:
Mrs. Scarborough (