Elementary school

Grades 1-6

The Elementary School program at Holly Grove Christian School provides a strong foundation for first through sixth graders in a safe, caring environment where students are instructed in a program that provides academic excellence while also preparing them to live God honoring lives.  

Surrounded by a community of teachers who share a love for Christ, the elementary years are a time for children to continue to grow in their faith. Students are taught a broad overview of the Bible with emphasis on different areas at each grade level. Through Bible and chapel lessons, students are encouraged to focus on various Christian character qualities.

The elementary program at Holly Grove strives to have a strong focus on math, reading, and language arts. Reading and language arts instruction is rooted in a phonics-based philosophy.

In addition, beginning in grade one, we offer on-grade and above-grade level math instruction. Our spiral math curriculum continually reviews, reinforces and builds upon concepts as the school year progresses.