Field Trips

Learning experiences beyond the classroom can often be among the most valuable experiences a student will enjoy and remember. Field trips are an integral part of our curriculum. All of our field trips have curricular significance, and there is an instructional focus for the students. Parents are often asked to accompany the students as chaperones or as visitors on these trips.

Holly Grove’s experiential learning program starts in Pre-K and expands over time. A few examples of current class field trips include:

  • Pre-K Pumpkin Patch
  • Kindergarten Discovery Center, Salisbury Zoo
  • First Grade Ward Museum, Salisbury Zoo, Christmas Caroling, DC Zoo / VA Beach Aquarium (alternating years) 
  • Second Grade Furnace Town, VA Beach Aquarium / DC Zoo (alternating years)
  • Third Grade Shad Landing, Mt. Vernon / Annapolis (alternating years)
  • Fourth Grade Deal Island Reserve, YMCA Water Safety, Marva Theatre, Annapolis / Mt. Vernon (alternating years)
  • Fifth Grade MD Science Center / Smithsonian Museums (alternating years)
  • Sixth Grade Smithsonian Museums / MD Science Center (alternating years)
  • Middle School National Aquarium in Baltimore, Nauticus in Norfolk, Antietam and Gettysburg Battlefields, Smithsonian Museums, DC Zoo
  • High School Philadelphia, Arlington National Cemetery, Bible Museum, American History Museum, Holocaust Museum, Mount Vernon


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