Spiritual Life at Holly Grove

At HGCS, we endeavor to:

  • bring students to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ
  • teach students to be well grounded in the Word of God
  • help students develop a Biblical worldview to deal with issues
  • equip students to defend their faith and be an effective witness
  • encourage students to develop Christian character



Elementary school chapels are held once every other week. Middle school and high school chapels are held once a week, with a 3-day spiritual emphasis chapel at the beginning of every school year. Local pastors and teachers speak to the students in chapel. Chapels are geared towards salvation messages as well as messages geared towards strengthening the faith of students who have trusted the Lord as their savior. Worship in chapel is led by students.



Some teachers and some seniors are involved in mentoring students. The purpose of these mentoring groups is to disciple our students so they can live God-honoring lives. Groups are made up of 6-8 students. Mentoring takes place during students’ lunch times.


Missions Trips

Cross-cultural missions trips take place every other year. The purpose of our missions trips is for students to share their faith, minister to the needs of others, and to grow in their faith. Students also get to see how others less fortunate than them live, helping them realize how blessed they are, sometimes changing their perspective on what life is all about. 8th through 12th grade students are eligible to go on missions trips.