Tuition & Fees

At Holly Grove Christian School, we believe that a Christian education is of great value and we want to make it affordable to as many families as possible. Each year, tuition is prayerfully reviewed and approved by the School Board. The goal is to balance the budget and offer an excellent academic program at the lowest possible cost. The rates for Holly Grove Christian School are lower than other Christian schools of the same size in the area.

The school embarks upon a number of fundraising and development initiatives and actively seeks parental involvement in these and other activities. In addition, gifts from parents, friends, churches, alumni, and businesses within the community allow us to charge a tuition that is less than the cost of educating each student.

Prepayment discount

A 2% discount is available for families that pre-pay the annual tuition and bus fees by August 10th. New parents may also receive the discount at enrollment.

payment plan

Families may pay the tuition and bus fees in 11 installment payments (Aug-June) by signing up for a payment plan with SMART tuition. There is a $50 fee for this service which is added to the first month. Go to to set up your plan.

Early Withdrawal

In the event of withdrawal, suspension or dismissal from HGCS prior to October 1, all of August and September tuition and bus fees will be owed. If a student withdraws after September 30, families will be liable for 100% of the tuition and bus fees for the month in which the student withdraws.

Financial Hardship

Families that experience an unexpected financial hardship should contact the finance office immediately. It is our desire to work with you so that your children may remain in HGCS. However, school records will not be released to any institution or person unless the student’s tuition and fees are paid in full.

If you are a current HGCS family experiencing financial hardship, please let us know, so we can work together. Your situation will be held in strict confidentiality.